Group and Ride Structure

As well as our core Saturday Morning Club Run, we have a growing number of ‘Syndicates’, these are groups that go out at different times and appeal to different people.

The Sygnature Saturday Sycle

Our trademark ride, comprising of four groups:

Black, Red and Yellow start at 08:30 with the Green starting at 09:00 from Syston HQ.

Black – 45-55 miles at a quicker pace – rotating between four cafes – Newtown Linford, Asfordby Hill, Wymondham Mill and Hallaton.

Red – 40-50 miles at a steady pace – sharing the same cafe stops as the Black group

Yellow – Circa 30 miles at a steady pace, rotating between four cafes – Thrussington, Mountsorrell, Newtown Linford and Asfordby Hill

Green – 20 – 25 miles at 10 mph, Sharing the same cafe stops as the Yellow group

The idea of this structure is that it enables people to progress up through the groups – if they so desire as the gaps between the groups are very much achievable – coupled with our Beginners ride on Sunday, Syston Syclers offer an unrivalled spectrum of groups to get you in to or progress your cycling no matter what your ability.

We have the different Cafe stops to ensure that we get served quickly…once a month at least though all groups will meet at the very efficient and very nice Grange nurseries in Asfordby Hill!

Day: Saturday
Time: 08:30 or 9am
Contact: Phil
Email: phil [at] systonsyclers [dot] com

The Midweek Ride

The Midweek Ride offers a core ride of around 30 – 35 miles exploring lanes and byways, always starting at 10.00 a.m.  Sometimes the ride starts from The Green, Syston; sometimes the core ride starts around 10 miles away (with the option for those riders wishing to add 20 miles to their day to ride out to this start, leaving The Green in Syston at 09.00 a.m); and once a month there is a car-assisted ride starting 20 miles or more away from Syston – again the core ride starts at 10.00 a.m.

All rides feature a cafe or pub stop for refreshments, around 12.00 noon. To unravel this complexity, an email is sent out to all interested riders on Tuesday (plus there’s a follow-up email on Thursday discussing the ride). If you are coming along for the first time please email martin [at] systonsyclers [dot] com, so that you can be added to the email list.

Day: Wednesday
Time: 10:00 – 14:30
Contact: Martin
Email: martin [at] systonsyclers [dot] com

The Beginner Group

For those that want to work up to the Saturday rides in an unpressured and most importantly flat environment then this group is for you! Meeting at Syston HQ – the Old Chapel on Chapel Street with a coffee at Martini’s in Abbey Park.

Day: Sunday (from 16th Feb)
Time: 9am
Contact: Della 
Email: Beginners [at] systonsyclers [dot] com

The Thursday Evening Ride

A shorter ride out perfect for an evening, The ride is designed with a number of ‘short cuts’ so no matter how far you want go, you can! Heading out to Hungarton through South Croxton and Beeby and as the nights get longer it will be able to extend out to Tilton on the  Hill. For further details see the Thursday Evening events page.

Day: Thursday
Time: 18:30
Contact: Phil
Email: phil [at] systonsyclers [dot] com


  1. DFL

    Hi all
    Joined the club just a last month as I live in Queniborough & having a local club now is fantastic, thanks for setting up & staring the club.
    I was a member of De Montfort cc for 20 years racing & the past 5 have been a member of the Wymeswold Wheelers.

    I started the Tour de Queniborough (TDQ) Cycling Group 3 years ago, this is registered on the SkyRide website as a social group only & not a club.
    The aim of this group is getting people in the area of all abilities out riding their bikes.
    They can then join a cycling club having gained the confidence/ability to ride in a group & the Syston Syclers is the perfect local club for them to progress onto & a few have already joined.

    TDQ start the Tuesday summer evening rides on 1st April & all riders from the Syston Syclers are invited on these rides & you can register as above or just turn up.
    Start place; Queniborough Village Hall car park at 6.30pm

    We have 3 groups for a 60 to 90 minute ride depending on light, so back for 8pm
    Slow group 6 -12 miles at 10pmh, Inter group 12-20 at 14mph & fast 20 -30 at 18mph.
    You can join the group on the website & view or download the routes each week,
    Rides & routes for the first week are now available.
    It’s all free including register on;


  2. Pete h

    Hi Phil just to let you know Lisa and myself are up for Sherwood, what time are we planning on starting? For anyone who has not ridden Sherwood, it’s fairly flat and not too technical.

  3. admin

    Evening Syclers, given the weather forecast is cloudy for tomorrow night but rain for most of the day and with the amount of water around it would not be responsible for the timed loop to take place given half the route is single track muddy lanes! However I think we will be fine for the normal Thursday ride – so see you at the Chapel at 6:30…

  4. admin

    For those that refrained from coming out this morning due to the weather (and locking themselves out like me) we are going to Hallaton tomorrow Red/Yellow pace for 45 Miles….08:30 from the Chapel

  5. DFL

    We left Syston in the rain & set off for hallaton, the rain had stoped by beeby & roads dry, we cut short at bilsdon & stopped at wistow cafe, then rode back with not a drop of rain over 45 miles, it was still raining when we got back in Syston at 12.15
    Have a good sunny ride Sunday

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