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Insurance…very important…

It is a condition of membership to have third party insurance - this is to make sure that all Syclers are as safe as they can be when they are riding with the club should the worst happen.

So, what are your options:

British Cycling

With BC you will get a discount off your first year as you are a member of an affiliated club (that's us) use the codes you can find on New Members

British Cycling Link

Cycling UK (aka CTC)

These guys are the alternative to BC in terms of its a membership and you wouldn't have both BC and these guys. CTC Link

Bikmo Insurance

This company is tried and tested by one of our committee members and what they do is give you third party insurance AND Bike Insurance and a load of other benefits. Click here to find out more

Obviously, we cannot recommend which one of the above (or the other insurers in the market) is best for your needs however, what we do want is for our members to be fully protected.