Welcome to the Syston Syclers!

The way forward for Cycling and Syston Syclers
10th September 2020 

Under the latest guidance, club activities can continue, providing they are delivered in line with Government guidance on group sizes and social distancing.  All British Cycling insurance is null and void if groups do not adhere to the guidance.

What does this mean for Syston Syclers?

The committee continue to review and discuss the latest guidance. We acknowledge that it will be a personal decision, based on your own circumstances and feelings, how you choose to ride in the coming weeks; solo, pairs, household only or groups. Our group rides continue with the following, revised principles:

  1. You must not join a group ride if you, or anyone in your household is displaying Covid-19 symptoms.
  2. You must not just join a group ride if you are self-isolating due to Covid-19 or pending a test result.
  3. Groups must be of 6 or less.
  4. Groups must only meet up at ride start point in a group of 6 or less.
  5. At café stops, riders must only sit in a maximum group size of 6.
  6. Masks should be worn in cafes when requested.
  7. There will be no nominated group leader or first aider.
  8. Riders must adhere to 1m+ social distancing at all times.
  9. Riders should consider good hygiene protocols when riding.

We will continue to publish suggested Saturday routes for all the groups, on our website.



The club was founded in 2014 and since then we have attracted a wide range of members from total beginners to experienced bikers and ex-racers. We can accommodate any age over 18 years of age. The shared interest being a love of cycling and enjoyment of the sport in a social environment. We’re all about having fun whilst achieving our personal best, whatever that might be – from gaining more confidence in a new sport to pushing ourselves to smash the land speed record in lycra! We are pride ourselves on being inclusive, friendly and welcoming. Our main club ride takes place on Saturday mornings leaving at 8:30am or 9am (depending on time of year) from The Green in Syston. There are four groups, each led by a group leader, to cater for everyone’s ability – all of which include the obligatory café stop (with optional cake!). We have plenty more going on, including our mid-week daytime group going out every Wednesday, summer evening rides, special charity events and weekend adventures further afield. We also arrange regular social events that are well attended and always good fun! We are currently tipping the scales at just over 90 members – a fairly small club with plenty of big ambition. We are welcome to new ideas, suggestions and routes and our committee are always keen to receive your feedback.
Club Photo 2019

So why join Syston Syclers?

The Midweek Riders

  • We are supportive and encouraging for all levels
  • An adult only club - to be a member you need to be 18
  • We ensure that no rider ever gets left behind
  • We have planned routes with dedicated ride leaders
  • A Closed Facebook group for members to arrange additional rides and events
  • A smart Syston Syclers kit designed by one of our members
  • A range of events and rides across the year Offers and discounts for members
  • Affiliated with British Cycling